Vintage Freeware

Vintage Freeware is 76 mbytes of PC freeware from the 1980's - the pioneering days of the PC revolution.

The package has lots of BASIC, Pascal, C and x86 assembly source code of nifty games, utilities and small applications that will please tinkerers.

You generations X'ers and Y'ers out there can see what we boomers were doing back then.

Take a look at the catalogs and directories to view the package's contents.

The package comes in a 62 mbyte self-extracting file. Just execute the file "freeware.exe".

The library of 228 floppy disks was copied to a structure of directories that reflect the individual disks. This structure was zipped into the file "freeware.exe".

These are all DOS programs. Most of the earlier programs require BASIC.

Catalog of Floppy Disks 1 - 195

Catalog of Floppy Disks 196 - 228

Directories of Floppy Disks 1 - 50

Directories of Floppy Disks 51 - 100

Directories of Floppy Disks 101 - 150

Directories of Floppy Disks 151 - 200

Directories of Floppy Disks 201 - 228


You will receive an email with a link to the downloadable file within 24 hours.

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